Proposal Planning


Planning the perfect way to ask “Will you marry me?” can be rather overwhelming! You want to design a truly memorable event to share with family and friends for many years to come, which is why many proposers are enlisting the assistance of a proposal planner to ensure that their marriage proposal is ‘Planned for Perfection’!

Even if you have already discussed the idea of marriage with your future fiancée, the thought of actually proposing can be rather daunting for most people, even if you are 100% sure that they are going to say yes! So, if  you are ready to pop the question, but need some assistance, do not stress, let us help you…

You may have an idea of how you want to propose and need assistance to make it happen, or have no idea where to start; with our ‘Perfect Proposal’ service, we will plan the most wonderful event and be with you as the romantic story unfolds..

As a leading UK Wedding and Event Planner, we are only too aware of marriage proposal expectations and so will take the pressure off the proposer by arranging this most special occasion and ensuring that it is perfectly planned for you both to enjoy. Like our Full Wedding Planning Service, our ‘Perfect Marriage Proposal Planning Service’ is unique to each couple; we take the time to build your personalised plan and then set up the most magical engagement, that is not only special, unique and thoughtful, it’s designed to get the answer you so desire!

Wedding Proposal Cake by GC Couture

We love this GC Couture Proposal Cake, which was designed to look like an iconic Tiffany ring box… just add your own engagement ring, perfect for an afternoon tea surprise.

Hiring a Proposal Planner

By hiring a Planner, you can give your partner the engagement of their dreams and with our ‘Perfect Proposal’ Planning Service, we will look after everything for you, from start to finish, designing a unique and beautiful special memory for you both to remember forever.

Each Proposal is Tailor Made to Suit Your Individuality…

In a nutshell, we personalise your proposal to your relationship and we customise each proposal after discussing likes, dislike and ideas in a meeting with the proposer; then we design a wedding engagement plan that will suit you perfectly, creating the most incredible memories of you both. Whether you are looking to propose in the Cotswolds, London or with a trip over sea’s, we will be discreetly in the background planning the perfect occasion for you both; from elaborate proposals to smaller more intimate proposals, whichever you would prefer, we will ensure that you enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable journey.

Luxury Wedding Proposal Planner – Planned for Perfection